UK Made Acoustic Vent

The AcoustaVent has been engineered to allow for an efficient intake of air while reducing the noise that passes through it.

The AcoustaVent

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Manufactured From a Premium Nylon Material

The AcoustaVent is manufactured from a premium nylon material with a matte black finish. Further information on the material can be found below.

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UK Made Acoustic Vent

The AcoustaVent is manufactured in the UK. Ensuring that the vent is produced to a high quality and no corners are cut.

Efficient Airflow Whilst Restricting Noise

The AcoustaVent has been carefully designed to maximise the airflow through the vent whilst limiting how much noise can escape through it. 

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Aerodynamic Design with Soundproofing

The geometry of the vent has been designed so that the air intake is maximised whilst the noise passing through it is minimised.