AcoustaVent - Efficient Design

How does the AcoustaVent help with the Intake of air?

The AcoustaVent has been designed so that air can easily flow through the intakes. The intakes have carefully engineered rounded corners which reduces the turbulence of the intake airflow which will then reduce the resistance to the flow. This increases the efficiency of your system.

How does the AcoustaVent help with Soundproofing?

The outlet of the vent has been designed so that sound waves are not able to flow directly through the vent. The geometry means sound waves would have to reflect off of different surfaces to pass through the vent. The reflection of the sound waves will help to dissipate their energy and reduce the noise that is heard on the other side of the vent. 

Can multiple AcoustaVents be used in Parallel?

Yes - it is possible to use multiple vents together. Using multiple vents will increase the amount of air that can pass through the inlets into your system.