AcoustaVent - Welland Power

One of the projects the AcoustaVent has been used on are the canopied diesel generator sets manufactured by UK based Welland Power

Welland Power were looking for a new air inlet and outlet system for their canopied generators which would allow an efficient intake of air for the engine whilst limiting the noise that passes through it to the outside world.

Canopied generator sets are designed to reduce the noise as much as possible from the engine so that it does not disturb its surrounding areas however they still need intakes so the air can pass through to the engine.

Using the data we provided, Welland Power were able to work out how many AcoustaVents they would need to use on each generator set dependant on the size of the engine used. Our data showed them what the pressure loss would be for a given value of airflow and how that would change if more AcoustaVents were used in parallel. This ensured Welland would be using the optimal amount of vents for each generator set.

When the AcoustaVents arrived, Welland were impressed with how quick and easy the AcoustaVents were to install into their canopied sets. The vents fitted perfectly into the canopies and the innovative clip design means that the vents were safely secured.

Charlie Farrow, the Managing Director of Welland Power said 'The AcoustaVent has an original design which has obviously been manufactured to a high professional standard'.

Mr Farrow went on to praise the efficiency of the AcoustaVent, 'The AcoustaVent has a very efficient design and the noise reductions compared to our previous air intake system is massively noticeable'.

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