Technical Information

On this page you will find the technical information on the AcoustaVent.

Dimensions and Drawing

Below is an engineering drawing of the AcoustaVent. Showing the total width and height of the front face of the vent to be 425 x 154 mm. Creating a total area of 0.06545 m^2. The vent has a total depth of 80 mm.

Pressure Drops

Like any vent, when the air flows through the AcoustaVent there is a pressure drop caused by the restriction to the airflow. Dependant on whether the vent is used as an inlet or outlet there is a different amount of pressure drops due to the geometry of the vent.

Through vigorous testing it was possible to work out the pressure drop through the AcoustaVent at varying airflow values.

The first graph below shows the pressure drop through a single AcoustaVent when used as an inlet.

As the airflow increases, the pressure drop through the vent increases. This trend is also followed when the vent is used as an exhaust, however there is a larger pressure drop for the same amount of airflow, as shown in the graph below.

If you have any further technical questions on the AcoustaVent do not hesitate to contact us here.