The AcoustaVent

 Overview of the AcoustaVent

The AcoustaVent has been designed so that air can flow efficiently in through the intake whilst reducing the noise that passes through it. This makes the vent an ideal choice for a number of applications where the intake of air and reduction of noise are equally as important. 

What is the AcoustaVent manufactured from?

The AcoustaVent is made from Badamid B70 S. This is a premium nylon material with high degrees of toughness across a range of different temperatures. Most importantly, the nylon has good shock resistance capabilities meaning that it can withstand impacts without plastic deformation occurring. These properties make the AcoustaVent a favourable option for a variety of industries.

More information on Badamid B70 S can be found here.

How is the AcoustaVent installed?

The AcoustaVent has 2 clips on either side and 3 clips on the bottom so that it can quickly and easily be installed without the use of any extra tools or equipment. Once the vent has been fitted, it has a snug fit to ensure that it stays in place.

The image below shows two of the clips on the side of the vent.

What are the dimensions of the AcoustaVent?

The front area of the vent is 426 x 170 mm. The total combined area for the air to flow through is 0.03872 m². If a larger vent is required, multiple AcoustaVents can be used together to increase the airflow.

What are the benefits of the AcoustaVent?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Professional matte black finish
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Manufactured from a material with high shock resistance and toughness
  • Multiple vents can be used together when more airflow is required 
  • Efficient design for maximum airflow and soundproofing